Submitting Expenses

Who approves expenses for cabinet ministers, parliamentary assistants, Opposition leaders and their staff?

Ministers are responsible for approving expense claims for all members of their respective staff (including the Parliamentary Assistant and their staff), as well as ensuring compliance with the Rules.  A minister may delegate the authority to approve expenses to his/her executive assistant or chief of staff. Delegation must be done in writing using this form and be forwarded to:

Ontario Shared Services
Expenditure Management Branch

Opposition leaders are responsible for approving the expense claims for their staff, as well as for ensuring compliance with the Rules. An Opposition leader may delegate this authority to a senior person. Delegation must be done in writing using this form and be submitted to:

Financial Services
Room 2630 Whitney Block
99 Wellesley Street West
Toronto ON    M7A 1A6

What expenses are reviewed?

For cabinet ministers, parliamentary assistants and their respective staff: the Office reviews expenses which have been paid out of consolidated revenue fund and are related to ministerial or parliamentary assistant duties.  This includes expenses for any activities that are related to the portfolio assignment.

For opposition leaders and their staff: the Office reviews expenses which have been paid by the Legislative Assembly and are related to the Opposition leader duties. Other expenses, including those related to caucus or constituency duties, are not reviewable by the Commissioner.

Where are the submissions sent?

The approved expense report and all receipts and supporting documentation should be scanned and sent in a PDF format to Ontario Shared Services:

Ontario Shared Services
Expenditure Management Branch

Tips for ensuring complete expense reports  

Providing all of the relevant documentation and explanations for each expense claim to help reduce the number of questions the Office may ask as it conducts the review. This will help make the process more efficient.  

Use this list to be sure your submission is complete.

Each expense report or claim should contain:

  • All required itemized receipts and supporting documentation for the expenses claimed
  • The business purpose of the expenses
  • For mileage, taxis etc., include the distance as well as information on the starting point and destination 
  • Include centrally billed documentation for flights and rail travel
  • Provide the names and positions of all attendees for meals and hospitality
  • Ensure all information is provided for correct attribution
  • Provide the reason for extending hospitality and an explanation of how it meets the criteria 
  • If repayment of certain expenses has been made, include proof of repayment 
  • If an exception to the Allowable Rules has been made for any of the expenses, include written justification 
  • Include any additional notes that you feel may clarify or explain an expense