Review Process

The expense review process comprises these five steps:

1. Submission of expense claims to the integrity commissioner

After expense claims have been processed and reimbursed by the agency, the Expenses Officer (Chair, Chief Executive Officer or Equivalent) is responsible for submitting expenses to the Integrity Commissioner as set out below.

Please see the Submitting Expenses page for more details about how to submit expenses.

Reporting Group Expenses Officer Reporting Period
Appointees Chair of the board Quarterly
Senior Management Employees who report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (or equivalent) Chief Executive Officer or equivalent Quarterly
Five employees (Top 5) with the highest cumulative expenses in a six-month period Chief Executive Officer or equivalent Semi-annually
2. Review of expense claims

Each expense claim, along with supporting receipts and documentation, is reviewed by the Office of the Integrity Commissioner for compliance with the Travel, Meals and Hospitality Expenses Directive and section 6 of Ontario Reg. 440/09 under the Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009

3. Request for information

If any of the expenses are missing documentation, explanations or appear to be non-compliant, the Office may send a request for information to the relevant Expenses Officer seeking clarification.

4. Results

The Commissioner will notify the Expenses Officer in writing as to whether the expenses reviewed for each reporting group are compliant or if repayment is required.  The Commissioner may also provide feedback or suggestions for future expense claims.  If repayment is required, proof of repayment is provided to the Commissioner.  Failure to make a repayment or follow the remedial action directed by the Commissioner may result in a public report on details relating to an expense claim.  The Commissioner may also advise an appropriate person, such as the responsible minister, on any matters related to an expense claim.

5. Public posting by the agency

Once the Commissioner has provided the results of the review to an Expenses Officer, the agency is responsible for publicly posting the expenses online, as set out in Section 4.2 of the Travel, Meals and Hospitality Expenses Directive