The Registration Process

There are four easy steps to follow.

1)   Complete and submit the initial application form online.
2)   The lobbyist or senior officer must complete the certification page.
3)   Once your application has been approved, we will send you an activation code so you can log on and create your password. You’ll be required to answer some security questions.
4)   Create your registration.

What’s next?

Your registration will be reviewed by an Inquiries Officer, who may request clarification or further information about the lobbying activity. If additional information is required, the registration will be reset to draft and you will receive an email outlining the deficiencies. Once you have amended and resubmitted the registration, it will be forwarded to the Registrar for review. Once it is reviewed, you will be notified by email and your registration will appear on the public registry.

When do I have to renew?

The renewal periods differ according to the type of lobbyist. In all cases you will receive an email to let you know when your registration must be renewed.

Consultant lobbyist registrations are renewed each year.

Organization and Persons and Partnership registrations are renewed every six months.

Keep your registration up to date

If your lobbying activity changes in any way, you are required to update your registration within 30 days of the change. Simply access the site, select ‘change an existing registration (not a renewal)’, select the registration you wish to change and update the relevant sections of your registration, and submit it for the Registrar’s review.

Not lobbying anymore?

If you are a consultant lobbyist and you are no longer lobbying on behalf of your client, you must submit a Notice of Termination for your registration as soon as your activity stops.

If you are an in-house lobbyist (Persons and Partnerships) or an in-house lobbyist (Organizations) and are no longer lobbying, you are required to submit a change to your registration to remove yourself as an in-house lobbyist.

Learn more

The lobbyist registration rules are clearly outlined in the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998.

You can also find helpful information in the Guide to the Lobbyists Registration Act.

For additional resources, check out our Resources page.

Lobbying Activity

Lobbyists completing the Lobbying Activity section of the registration form are required to submit a complete description of lobbying activities. Lobbyists are encouraged to consult the Lobbying Activity page for guidance on submitting clear and concise statements that allow the public to easily identify and understand lobbying goals.


Registration Checklists
Consultant Lobbyists
In-House Lobbyist Organizations (Not-For-Profit Entities)
In-House Lobbyist Persons & Partnerships (For-Profit Entities)

Compliance Checklists
Consultant Lobbyists
In-House Lobbyist Organizations (Not-For-Profit Entities)
In-House Lobbyist Persons & Partnerships (For-Profit Entities)