Interpretation Bulletins

The Office issues Interpretation Bulletins that interpret specific sections of the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998 and how these sections apply to all, or a large segment, of lobbyists (e.g. consultant lobbyists).

Each Interpretation Bulletin answers a question about a requirement of the Act.

IB #1: Am I lobbying?
IB #2: Who is a Public Office Holder?*
IB #3A: Does my business have to register?
IB #3B: Does my not-for-profit organization have to register?
IB #4: Can my client pay me with public money?
IB #5: As a consultant lobbyist, when do I need to register?
IB #6: How do I report government funding?
IB #7: Do I have to register if I am a lawyer or a paralegal?
IB #8: What is grass-roots lobbying?
IB #9: Do I have to register if I only arrange a meeting?
IB #10: Do I have to do anything when I am done lobbying, or a lobbyist leaves my organization?
IB #11: What is a conflict of interest and how does it affect my lobbying?

*This bulletin was previously published as Interpretation Bulletin #1, “Determining who is a Public Office Holder”.

Advisory Opinions

Do you have a question about the Lobbyists Registration Act or the registration process not addressed in the Interpretation Bulletins or the Guide to the Lobbyists Registration Act?

You can contact the Office at 416-327-4053 or for information about the registry, how it works, and the Registrar’s responsibilities.

You can also request an Advisory Opinion from the Lobbyists Registrar about your specific obligations under the Act.