Do I have to do anything when I am done lobbying,
or a lobbyist leaves my organization?

Interpretation Bulletin #10


This Bulletin explains that you must tell the Lobbyists Registrar if you are done lobbying or if a lobbyist has left your business or organization. 


Consultant lobbyist
If you are a consultant lobbyist, you must end your registration when you are done lobbying. You have 30 days to do this. If you do not end your registration, you are breaching the Act. 

In-house lobbyist
If you are the senior officer for an organization or business, and an in-house lobbyist leaves your organization or business, you must update your registration to remove them as a current in-house lobbyist. You have 30 days to do this. If you do not update your registration, you are breaching the Act. 

When you update your registration, remember to add the name of the in-house lobbyist who is leaving to the “former in-house lobbyist” section of your registration. 

If your organization or business stops lobbying or no longer meets the 50 hour threshold per year, you don’t need to actively terminate your registration. It will expire after six months. 


This Bulletin applies to the following types of lobbyists:
- consultant lobbyists
- in-house lobbyists (persons and partnerships) and (organizations)

Relevant Legislation

Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998
- s. 4(7)
- s. 5(3)9, 5(4)
- s. 6(3)8, 6(3.1)


First issued: March 30, 2020


The Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998, makes sure that lobbying in Ontario is transparent and ethical. The Integrity Commissioner, as the Lobbyists Registrar, maintains an online public record of lobbyists and conducts investigations into non-compliance with the Act. The Registrar may issue a bulletin about the interpretation or application of the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998

This Bulletin provides general information. It is not legal advice. It is not a binding statement of how the Integrity Commissioner will interpret the law.