Changes to Lobbying Target Names

Every lobbyist registration must indicate the MPPs, ministers’ offices, ministries and public bodies being lobbied. When the provincial government changes the name of a minister’s title, ministry, public body or creates a new ministry or public body, the Office will update the lists of lobbying targets and remove the former names. This will affect the existing selections made in a registration.

Lobbyists and senior officers should check their registrations after cabinet shuffles and ministerial reorganizations to re-select the ministers’ offices and ministries they are lobbying.

NOTE: While the Office will provide a list of changes on this page after major announcements, it remains a lobbyist's or senior officer’s obligations to ensure their lobbying targets are accurate and up to date in their registrations.

Ministers' Offices

Previous As of September 4, 2023
N/A Office of the Associate Minister of Small Business