Guidance on the Gift Rule

Ministers’ staff cannot accept a gift or benefit from anyone who does business with the Crown or wants to do business with the Crown if a reasonable person might conclude that the gift could influence staff when performing their duties.

The OIC has prepared a resource to assist public servants working in ministers' offices to understand and comply with the gift rule.

Ministers’ staff should be wary of accepting gifts in the following circumstances:

  • The donor or the donor’s client is a ministry or government stakeholder
  • The donor or the donor’s client may be affected by ministry or government programs and/or policies
  • The donor is a registered lobbyist
  • The donor or the donor’s client has applied for government funding

Contact the OIC when you have a question about the acceptability of a gift. Even if the gift can be accepted, you may need to disclose it to the OIC.


Need to disclose a gift?
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