Report Re: Jagmeet Singh, MPP for Bramalea-Gore-Malton - June 26, 2015

Integrity Commissioner Lynn Morrison today released her report into a complaint regarding Jagmeet Singh, Member of Provincial Parliament for Bramalea-Gore-Malton. The complaint was filed by Yvan Baker, MPP for Etobicoke Centre, under section 30 of the Members’ Integrity Act, 1994.

The investigation examined two allegations: that Mr. Singh used constituency office resources in connection with a political rally held on March 15, 2015; and that Mr. Singh solicited donations from the constituency website.

The Commissioner found that Mr. Singh breached parliamentary convention by using legislative resources, including constituency office resources, in connection with a partisan activity. The Commissioner also found that Mr. Singh breached parliamentary convention by soliciting donations from a website that a reasonably informed constituent would believe to be Mr. Singh’s constituency website.

“The contraventions in this case were the result of errors, poor oversight, and lack of training,” the Commissioner wrote. However, noting that the errors were not the result of intentional behaviour on Mr. Singh’s part and that he had taken steps to address some of the issues, the Commissioner recommended that no penalty be imposed.

Parliamentary convention is a unique feature of the Act, finding its core principles in the preamble. The full report can be found at under MPP Integrity. The Commissioner is not available for interviews.

About the OIC

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner has five key responsibilities: members’ integrity, disclosure of wrongdoing (whistle-blowing), expenses review for Cabinet Ministers, opposition leaders, and 21 of Ontario’s largest agencies, ministers’ staff ethical conduct, and lobbyists registration.

An Officer of the Legislative Assembly, the Integrity Commissioner is independent of government.

The Commissioner’s report can be found at under MPP Integrity.

Ce communiqué est également disponible en français.

Millie Sparling, Inquiries Officer - MPPs