MPP Public Disclosure Statements - December 2012

Public disclosure statements for Ontario’s Members of Provincial Parliament have been filed with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.

The statements reflect each MPP’s holdings as of September 1, 2012. As stipulated by the Members’ Integrity Act, 1994, all members are required to privately disclose their assets, liabilities and other information in a statement filed with the Integrity Commissioner. All MPPs have met with Integrity Commissioner Lynn Morrison to discuss their statements.

“These meetings provide MPPs with the opportunity to confidentially discuss the issues of ethics and conflict of interest,” Commissioner Morrison said. “It also provides me with the opportunity to educate members about the Act, and to explain specific provisions about gifts and financial investments.

“I am grateful for the continued cooperation and support from all members.”

The Commissioner is required to publicly disclose certain information from each MPP’s private disclosure statement. The statements are available at and can also be viewed in the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.

About the OIC

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner has five key responsibilities:

- Members’ Integrity
- Public service disclosure of wrongdoing (whistle-blowing)
- Expenses review for Cabinet Ministers, Opposition Leaders, and 21 of Ontario’s largest agencies
- Ministers’ staff ethical conduct
- Lobbyists registration

An Officer of the Legislative Assembly, the Integrity Commissioner is independent of government.

More information on the OIC and its work is available at

Ce communiqué est également disponible en français.

Cathryn Motherwell
Office of the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario