Encouraging a Culture of Integrity

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner of Ontario is independent of government and works to reconcile private interests and public duties to encourage a culture of integrity among Ontario’s elected officials and public servants.

The Office has seven mandates under five pieces of legislation.


Advising MPPs on conflict of interest matters and ethical behaviour.


Providing transparency about who is talking to whom in government and about what.

public sector ethics

Advising and directing senior public servants on the Conflict of Interest Rules and political activity restrictions.

expenses reviews

Two mandates to ensure accountability and encourage prudence in travel expense spending.

Disclosure Wrongdoing

Ensuring a meaningful response when public servants make allegations of wrongdoing.

Ministers' Staff

Advising and directing ministers’ staff on conflicts of interest, political activity and post-employment obligations.

what’s new

MPP Integrity

View MPP financial disclosure statements for 2023.

MPP Integrity

Commissioner's Report Re: Minister Steve Clark.


Office staff may be working remotely. The best way to contact us is by email.


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Annual Report

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