Forms Library

All of the forms for the Office's different mandates can be found below. If you have questions about how to complete and submit a form, please consult the section for that mandate on the site.

Members' Integrity

MPPs are required to submit a Statement of Gifts and Personal Benefits within 30 days of receiving a gift.

Ministers' Staff

Staff are required to submit forms if they receive any gifts, and for making a declaration regarding a conflict of interest.

Lobbyists Registry

Some lobbyists may be required to submit an attestation under the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act.

Expenses Review Submission for Agencies, Boards and Commissions

 All expense submissions should use one of the two cover sheets.

Expenses Review Submission for Cabinet Ministers and Opposition Leaders

 Forms for the submission of travel, meal and hospitality expenses for cabinet ministers, Opposition leaders and their staff.

Disclosure of Wrongdoing

Current and former members of the Ontario Public Service can use this form to assist in preparing materials to submit a disclosure.

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