Ethics Executive Role & Resources


Ethics Executives are designated individuals responsible for promoting ethical conduct within their organizations. Ethics Executives are the first point of contact for employees and appointees requiring advice or decisions on such matters.

Ethics Executives are responsible for:

- Ensuring that public servants are familiar with the conflict of interest and political activity rules;
- Providing advice to public servants on the application of the conflict of interest and political activity rules;
- Making inquiries where public servants may have contravened a rule; 
- Making determinations on conflict of interest and political activity issues and providing directions where an actual or potential conflict of interest is found;
- Authorizing requests to engage in certain political activities; and,
- Making a determination on the need to terminate employment or appointment if a public servant is elected to municipal office.


Here are some resources for Ethics Executives:

1) Overview of the Conflict of Interest Rules (webpage + PDF resource)
2) Overview of the Post-Service Conflict of Interest Rules (PDF resource)
3) Overview of the Political Activity Rules (webpage + PDF resource)
4) Overview of disclosure of wrongdoing framework (PDF resource)
5) Overview of expenses review (PDF resource)
6) Questions to help you make a determination

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