Resources and Legislation


The rules guiding people who work as staff in ministers’ offices can be found in the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006, as well as in the Conflict of Interest Rules of Public Servants (Ministers’ Offices) and Former Public Servants (Ministers’ Offices), Reg. 382/07.
Ministers' staff are welcome to call us with any questions about how the Act and the rules apply to their situations. Phone us at 416-314-8983 or email us at


Our new brochures provide helpful information to guide Ministers' staff.

Conflict of Interest Rules
Political Activity
Meeting with Lobbyists


Find out more about the Integrity Commissioner’s role in helping ministers’ staff by reading our FAQs.


Learn more about the rules for minister’s staff and how to submit the gift form.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Ministers' staff who routinely work on matters involving the private sector may be required to submit a declaration of conflict of interest. The form can be found below.

Sample Inquiries

Read some sample inquiries received by the Office from ministers’ staff.

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