Registration Checklist - In-House Lobbyists (Persons and Partnerships)


This Registration Checklist was developed by the Office of the Integrity Commissioner to assist In-house Lobbyists for Persons and Partnerships (for-profit entities) in Ontario to complete or renew a lobbyist registration form under the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998.


When Completing the Registration Ask Yourself:

 □   Is the senior officer’s contact information up-to-date? If amendments are needed, login and select ‘Make changes to my profile’.

 □   Have all of the employees or paid directors who are in-house lobbyists been listed in the registration?  If renewing the registration, are there any new employees or paid directors to add to the registration as an in-house lobbyist?

 □   Have you included the date each employee or paid director became an in-house lobbyist?

 □   Were any of the in-house lobbyists, including the senior officer, if applicable, a Cabinet minister, a deputy minister, an associate/assistant deputy minister, a member of a minister’s staff or held certain positions at identified agencies of the government?  Select all that apply.  Even if they were not, be sure to select ‘None of the above’.

 □   Are there any employees or paid directors to remove from the registration as an in-house lobbyist?

 □   Have you included the date an employee or paid director ceased to be an in-house lobbyist or is no longer employed by the entity?

 □   Have you included a description of the company’s business?

 □   If the company is a corporation, have you provided the business name and address of its parent company?  Have you provided the business name and address of any subsidiaries that have a direct interest in the outcome of the lobbying activities?

 □   Have you listed the business name and address of any other entity or organization that has contributed $750 or more towards the company’s lobbying efforts?

 □   Have you included the ministry/agency name and the amount of any government funding received by the company (from any level of government – Federal, Provincial, and Municipal) in that government’s previous fiscal year?  If renewing the registration, be sure to check that this funding information is up-to-date - does it still apply or has it been renewed at a new amount?  Is there new government funding information to disclose?

 □   What is the subject matter or areas of concern of the company’s lobbying activities? If renewing the registration, has it changed?

 □   Have you clearly indicated what the company is lobbying for? What are its lobbying goals?  If renewing the registration, have the lobbying goals changed?  Have there been any developments to the legislative proposal?  Has the bill passed?  Has there been any progress made on the policies/programs?  Was the funding obtained?  Be sure lobbying activities are up-to-date and accurate.

 □   Have you selected the MPPs, ministers’ offices, ministries or agencies with whom the company will be communicating?  If renewing the registration, will the company be communicating with any new MPPs, ministers’ offices, ministries or agencies?

 □   Have you selected the communication techniques used when interacting with the Ontario government?  If you are renewing the registration, will the company be using any different communication techniques?



For information about compliance requirements, please see the Compliance Checklist – In-house Lobbyists (Persons and Partnerships).


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