Bulletin #5

Registration threshold for Consultant Lobbyists

The Integrity Commissioner as the Lobbyists Registrar maintains an online public record of lobbyists and conducts investigations into non-compliance with the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998 (LRA).



For consultant lobbyists, the requirement to register is triggered by “commencing performance of an undertaking”. This Bulletin assists in determining when consultant lobbyists are required to register.



Section 4 of the LRA requires consultant lobbyists to register not later than 10 calendar days after “commencing performance of an undertaking”. Undertaking is defined in s.4(10) of the LRA as “an undertaking by a consultant lobbyist to lobby on behalf of a client”. Lobby refers to time spent communicating with public office holders in an attempt to influence certain government activities. It does not include time spent preparing for such communications as developing research papers or other resources. For consultant lobbyists, lobbying also includes arranging meetings, attempting to influence the awarding of a contract or managing grass-roots communication campaigns. (See “Interpretation Bulletin #8 for more information on grass-roots communication campaigns.*)

A consultant lobbyist is therefore required to register not later than 10 days after communicating with a public office holder. 



This Bulletin applies to the following types of lobbyists:

- consultant lobbyists


Relevant Legislation

This Interpretation Bulletin considers section 4 of the LRA.



-          First issued: October 28, 2011

-          Amended on: July 1, 2016



The Registrar may issue an interpretation bulletin with respect to the enforcement, interpretation or application of the LRA as set out in section 15 of the LRA. It is intended solely to provide information and is not a substitute for independent legal advice. This Bulletin is not a binding statement of how the legislation will be interpreted or applied in a particular circumstance. Final interpretation of the law is the responsibility of the courts.


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