Compliance & Penalties


The Integrity Commissioner, as Ontario’s Lobbyists Registrar, has the power to investigate potential non-compliance with the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998. Individuals who have information about potential non-compliance with the Act can complete an Information Form.

The Act prohibits the Commissioner from releasing any information about ongoing investigations. Statistics and information about concluded investigations can be found in the Office's annual reports.


If the Commissioner reaches a finding of non-compliance with the Act, the Commissioner may impose a penalty by making public the name of the lobbyist, a description of the non-compliance and any other information that the Commissioner considers necessary. The Commissioner may also prohibit a person found to be in non-compliance from lobbying for up to two years.


No person is prohibited from lobbying at this time.

Published Non-compliance


Michael McCarthy, Consultant Lobbyist
Michael McCarthy was found to have been 822 days late in filing his registration as a consultant lobbyist for a client. The Lobbyists Registrar found that this was an egregious delay and contrary to the public interest. There is a public interest in ensuring that lobbying activity is fully disclosed and transparent. The Registrar found that by failing to register his lobbyist activity over an extended period of time, the consultant lobbyist failed to satisfy the public interest in this matter. The Registrar found that the delay resulted through inadvertence, that the lobbyist ultimately did file the registration which led to the investigation, that he was remorseful and changed his office’s practices regarding registrations to ensure future compliance, and that he had no previous history of non-compliance. In assessing an appropriate penalty, the Registrar did not think a prohibition was necessary in light of these mitigating factors. Notwithstanding the substantial delay, the penalty was therefore confined to publication of the consultant lobbyist’s name on the Registry and this brief description of the non-compliance.  

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