Items to Consider Before and During Your Trip

Choose the most economical and practical form of transportation

-Airplane, train, government car, rental car, personal car, taxi, shuttle, public transit


-Choose the most economical fares
Air Canada (Tango / Tango plus) - Porter (Firm / Flexible)
-Book in advance where possible to get a choice of the most economical fares
-Double check times and dates to minimize change fees
-Consider long-term or offsite parking at the airport if driving
-Request flat rate taxi fares to and from the airport


-Book a coach class ticket

Car rental

-Book the car in advance
-Rent the car under “Her Majesty the Queen” and then the Ministry (if applicable)
-Choose the most appropriate and economical vehicle for the business purpose
-Ensure that a sports or luxury car is not booked
-Decline the Collision Damage Insurance if booking with a corporate card
-Refuel the vehicle before returning it to the rental agency


-Choose an appropriate hotel, taking into account economical factors, safety and proximity to the event
-Ensure that a standard single accommodation is booked. Suites and rooms
on executive or concierge floors will not be reimbursed
-Use the Federal Accommodation Database to determine a reasonable guideline for a hotel rate
-Ask for the government rate
-Use hotel shuttles where practical


-Ensure that you are familiar with the meal rates
(You may claim the meal rate regardless of the meal cost incurred)
(These rates include taxes and gratuities)

Breakfast = $10.00     Lunch = $12.50     Dinner = $22.50


Receipts for meal expenses are not required.

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