Expenses Review - Overview

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner reviews the travel, meal and hospitality expenses for two groups of public servants: 
-cabinet ministers, parliamentary assistants, leaders of the Opposition and their staff; and
senior executives, appointees and the top five employee expense claimants at selected agencies, boards and commissions.

The responsibilities are found in two pieces of legislation: 
Cabinet Ministers’ and Opposition Leaders’ Expenses Review and Accountability Act, 2002; and
 Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009.

The reviews are conducted using the Allowable Expense Rules, the Ontario Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive, and Guidelines issued by the Integrity Commissioner.

What's New

The Integrity Commissioner has the discretion to determine which agencies, boards and commissions will have their expenses reviewed by the Office. Once a public entity has been deemed fully compliant with the Directive, the Commissioner may "graduate" the entity and replace it with another from the available list.

The Commissioner can select a public entity for review based on but not limited to the following criteria set out in O. Reg 440/09:

-are the employees or appointees required to travel;
-does it have independent authority to make operating decisions;
-has its mandate changed in the past 12 months;
-did it start operating within the past 12 months;
-has there been public or media interest in the past 12 months.

A full list of those agencies under review can be found here.

A list of public entities eligible to be selected for review can be found here.
In addition to those entities on the list, the Independent Electricity System Operator and Ontario Power Generation are also eligible to be selected for review.

The Review Process

The review process is similar across both mandates. Expense claims are submitted to the Office after they have been processed by the government or agency. Each individual claim and attached supporting documentation is checked to ensure accuracy and compliance. Where necessary, staff asks for additional information and explanations prior to the final review by the Commissioner.

If a claim does not conform to the directive or rules, the Commissioner may provide feedback to the claimant, request other remedial action and/or request a reimbursement.  All expense claims are posted online by each entity only after the claims have been reviewed and results of the review have been issued by our Office.
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