Disclosure Summaries

The following are anonymized summaries of cases handled by the Office.


Allegations of contravention of the conflict of interest rules (Referral)


Allegation of contravention of the conflict of interest rules (Referral)  (3 cases)

Allegation of gross mismanagement (Investigation)  (2 cases)


Allegation of conflict of interest and gross mismanagement related to procurement and other conflict of Interest Rules (Integrity Commissioner Investigation)

Allegations relating to the interference of a licensing decision (Referral)


Allegation of gross mismanagement due to improper influence by a stakeholder over public servant staffing (Commissioner’s Investigation)

Allegation of criminal use of a computer

Allegation of gross mismanagement for management’s failure to address bullying and harassment in a particular work unit, and preferential treatment of a vendor

Allegation of conflict of interest

Allegation of cover up of loss of evidence held pursuant to court order


Alleged gross mismanagement and conflict of interest in relation to procurement and other contravention of conflict of interest rules

Allegation of contravention of the Conflict of Interest Rules (Referral and investigation)


Allegation of gross mismanagement

Allegation that the actions of a public servant created a grave danger to the life, health and/or safety of a person

Allegation of an improper investigation

Allegation of improper conduct (Commissioner’s investigation)

Allegation about manipulation of attendance figures


Alleged grave danger and gross mismanagement in relation to a regulatory matter

Alleged wrongdoing in relation to a regulatory process (Commissioner’s investigation)

Alleged Theft

Conflict of interest allegation in relation to hiring (contravention of a regulation)


Conflict of interest allegation

Meeting quality standards

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