Annual Report for 2018 - 2019

Commissioner's Message

This is my fourth annual report as Integrity Commissioner. In this message, I intend to highlight two major developments in the past year. The first is the Ontario provincial election, which took place on June 7, 2018, and the second is the announcement of the forthcoming merger of my Office with the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner.

Both developments have had, in the case of the election, and will have, in the case of the merger, a significant impact on the workload of my Office. I am pleased to report that the Office was well prepared for the effects of the election and the change in government. We are excited about the merger and, in fact, together with Conflict of Interest Commissioner Sidney B. Linden, we have been advocating for it for some time.

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Notable numbers for 2018-2019:  

Statistics: 533 MPP inquiries, 34 lobbying investigations concluded, 142 media inquiries, 108 advisory opinions to lobbyists
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