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Encouraging a culture of integrity

Ontario’s Office of the Integrity Commissioner was established in 1988 to maintain high standards of ethical conduct in the Ontario Public Service. It is independent of government, striving to encourage and sustain a culture of integrity and accountability. 

The Office has five areas of responsibility: 

     -MPP Integrity 
     -Expenses Review 
     -Ministers’ Staff Ethical Conduct 
     -Ontario Public Service Disclosure of Wrongdoing
     -Lobbyists Registration 

What's New

Annual Report

Read our 2017-2018 Annual Report.

Note: The HTML version of the report works best with Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Click here to view the PDF version of this year's report, as well as previous annual reports.

Gift Rules

The Office has prepared new resources for MPPs and Ministers' staff about the gift rules they must follow, as well as the acceptability of lobbyists offering gifts to public office holders.

   Full Guide - Gifts - MPPs                                            Ministers' Staff Gift Guidance                                       Guidance for Lobbyists - Gifts

       For MPPs                                           For Ministers' Staff                                      For Lobbyists

Quick Links

Financial Disclosure

Financial disclosure statements of Ontario’s MPPs can be found here:

Public Disclosure Statements

Lobbyists Registration Tutorials

                                                                      Lobbyist Videos

Step-by-step videos are available to help lobbyists create and make changes to their registrations.

See the tutorial videos here

Disclosure of Wrongdoing

A form and summary of the process are available to current and former public servants looking to make a disclosure of wrongdoing.

See the form here.


Office of the Integrity Commissioner

Meet the Integrity Commissioner Hon. J. David Wake and read our various publications and news releases.

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MPP Integrity

The Integrity Commissioner advises MPPs on conflict of interest and ethical behaviour in their day to day activities.

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Ministers' Staff Ethical Conduct

The Integrity Commissioner is the ethics executive for Ministers' staff and considers questions on conflict of interest rules.

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Lobbyists Registration

Search the database of paid lobbyists to learn who is lobbying whom in provincial government.

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Expenses Review

Find guidelines for submitting expenses, forms and general information about the expense review process.

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Disclosure of Wrongdoing

Learn how current and former members of the Ontario Public Service can submit a disclosure of wrongdoing.

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